Custom-built Apothecary Cabinet Among GDB Auction Items

CabinetLynn Barton, a third-year student at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine, spent 15 years in residential construction before starting veterinary school. While attending last year’s Gentle Doctor Benefit, he came up with the idea of using his woodworking skills to craft a project for the 2014 GDB auction. Barton began designing his apothecary cabinet last summer, and construction started in November. He enlisted the help of two fellow students, Jacob Lucas and Grant Wilburn.

“As a veterinary student I have and continue to directly benefit from the proceeds of GDB,” Barton said. “I thoroughly enjoy contributing where I can, and though I’m unable to donate financially at this time of life, I feel I have some talents that can be of benefit to the MU CVM. Besides, it’s kind of nice to have a little something as an escape from the rigors of vet school.”